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According to Alex Gonsalves of HR Manage Magazine "In the current business landscape, organizations are constantly bombarded with restructuring needs, technological changes, societal shifts, and more, all threats to their sustainability. With the pace and intensity at which trends and challenges are shaping, ‘fortifying strategies’ for critical business infrastructures and assets will help steer an organization towards its goal with minimal hurdles. For many, however, the fortress mindset derives from history books that describe the Middle Ages, when thick walls were built to resist attacks from aggressors.

That said, what is a fortress for businesses of various sizes in the modern-day world?

Corrina Lindby, Founder of The Answer is Yes, raised this very point; too many companies are focused on simply blocking pain points as a reactive approach, offering no business benefits or expert advice. There is an evident need for a shift in paradigm that emphasizes proactive reinforcing of organizational resilience to future challenges and fostering a sustainable business culture. With its comprehensive training courses and a rich pool of highly experienced consultants, The Answer is Yes offers cost-effective and time-friendly solutions for every business’s training needs.

“Our goal is to supply all the expertise, training, and knowledge of best-industry practices needed to protect, create and grow a business sustainably,” says Lindby. The company’s 83 subject matter experts have designed and converted their key learning into over 285+ online courses and growing in five significant categories; Work Health & Safety, Human Resources, Business Systems, Personal Development, and Business Development. Its courses are regularly updated to ensure that employees and companies comply with current regulations.

The Answer is Yes!

Professional development and training provide opportunities for employees to learn new skills, develop existing ones and build confidence in their abilities. A structured training program can offer these benefits, as well as encourage creativity and innovation. In today's rapidly changing business environment, professional development and training can help employees keep up with new technologies and trends. It can also provide a competitive edge when it comes to attracting and retaining top talent. When considering whether to provide professional development and training for your staff, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

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In order for your employees to be able to effectively carry out their roles and contribute to the overall success of the company, it is important for them to have the right skills and knowledge. That is where mapping employee skills gaps comes in. Through skill mapping, you can gain a better understanding of your team's specific areas of expertise and weakness. This allows you to identify any gaps that may exist between your company's goals and objectives and your employees' abilities.

Business Growth!

It is not just individuals who benefit from professional development – employers also reap rewards when employees participate in structured training programs. This is because such programs not only provide employees with valuable skills and knowledge that can be applied in their day-to-day work, but they also help to improve employee engagement and retention. All organizations should invest in providing ongoing professional development opportunities for their staff as part of a robust training program. Not only will this enable employees to continuously boost their performance and enhance their own career trajectories, but it will also help organizations to retain top talent and reap the many benefits associated with these activities.

The Answer is Yes

Proficiency-based training, or PBT, is a method of instruction aimed at helping students to become proficient in the subjects they are learning. Unlike more traditional forms of education, which focus on teaching a fixed set of information and testing students based on that content, PBT is much more flexible. Rather than covering an entire subject at once and then testing for a specific set of knowledge, proficiency-based training focuses on helping students to master individual skills and concepts. By breaking down learning into bite-sized chunks and allowing students to work at their own pace, PBT helps to build confidence in the classroom and provides greater opportunities for success. Overall, it represents an important shift in how we approach instruction and has the potential to transform our educational system for the better

The Answer is Yes!

Having the skills and abilities necessary to achieve your business goals is crucial for success in today's competitive market. However, there is often tremendous pressure on both businesses and employees to deliver more, often without additional resources. For managers and team members who are focused on meeting their targets and objectives, investing time in training and development can feel like a major distraction.


Fortunately, online training offers a convenient way to build essential skills without taking up much time or causing too much disruption. By using online tools such as video tutorials and interactive quizzes, learning can be integrated into the daily routine of even the busiest employee. Moreover, since most online training programs focus on practical skills rather than theoretical concepts, they allow individuals to learn valuable skills that they can immediately apply at work.

The Answer is Yes!

One effective way to ensure that businesses are meeting industry standards and providing their clients with the highest quality of service is through proficiency-based online training programs. These programs provide workers with up-to-date information about industry best practices, as well as training in key areas such as customer service and time management. Additionally, professional development programs help employees stay current on new technologies or regulatory changes within their field, giving them the skills they need to succeed in a rapidly evolving workplace.


By implementing strong proficiency-based training programs, organizations can not only keep pace with competitors but also stay ahead of the curve by delivering superior products and services to their customers. Whether an organization seeks to retain valuable employees, improve customer satisfaction levels, or simply stay on top of industry developments, online training is an effective solution for ensuring best practices in a changing environment. 

Corrina Lindby, (CEO)

(BBus Acct; Ass Dip Bus Admin; Dip OHS; Cert IV Trainer; Cert III Social Welfare; Fire Safety Adviser)

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