How to finally get Cultural Clarity in 5 easy steps, without guilt, blame or anger.

Aboriginal Cultural Awareness 60,000 years condensed to 1 hour general induction through online training.

My training named 5 Steps to Cultural Clarity explains how Indigenous people are different and require something a bit different from you and your team. This Cultural Clarity will help you make changes that improve your outcomes. You will nail your strategic planning and risk management. You will be able meet the needs of your organisation staff and clients. You will be able to lead your team with confidence and build "street cred" with the broader community".

What 5 Steps to Cultural Clarity covers:

Step 1 Discovers who are Australia's 3 Indigenous groups.

Step 2 Develops an understanding of Aboriginal Culture & Society and how it impacts on your service delivery today.

Step 3 Explores pre 1770 - a snapshot into the oldest ongoing culture in the world.

Step 4 Tells the truth of the impact of colonisation - The start of Indigenous suffering through loss of land, culture, families to the Stolen Generations and trans-generational trauma.

Step 5 Exposes Aboriginal Survival Today - Meet the people behind the sterotype that are now your clients and the reality of their day to day existence.

Bonus Deeper Understanding of the Welcome to Country Protocol.

Hi, I’m Donna Hensen

"I've been where you are now, needing Cultural Clarity in the workplace. However after a lifetime of gathering knowledge and experiences, I've successfully worked with Indigenous communities for over 25 years".

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"I feel like before I might have lived in a bubble. My learning has been huge."

Jessie R , Regional Disability Manager

Commendable. Answered many unknown questions – stuff not thought about previously.

Garry P, Dept Community Services Manager


Definitely heightened awareness of cultural issues and generational trauma

Julie, State Manager