A Practical Guide to Cyber Security

What if we told you security breaches don't happen because of hackers?

Let's start this off with an example that has become a commonplace scenario just about everywhere. You buy a good system. You install and update your Windows 10 operating system. You set up the network just as your provider tells you to, and use the default, "Microsoft-recommended settings" for firewall. Even if you have a Mac, at this point, you're feeling accomplished. Set. Safe.

To top things off, you buy security software. That must plug any loopholes.

After 5 months, you experience a data breach. Why?

It’s not because hackers got together and innovated a way to breach your system. They work on a model that is “bulk/event-based,” which means, they are like alligators—waiting in the water for the prey to make a mistake they can take advantage of.

This scenario happened because, in your DIY approach, you had left out security gaps that acted as windows for lurking threats to enter your parameter.

Comprehensive security is a practice that requires cyber resilience and knowledge. These two things are what most people and businesses are lacking right now, and this is what this course will help you with.

This course will help you set up security protocols that are holistic and learn about the most overlooked aspects of security that cost you data, time, hardware, and money.


This course will cover all the major aspects of security everyone should know, diving into:

Windows security and updates

Privacy settings

Facebook security

Router security

Network security

Google and browser security

Password security and access management

It’s time to get holistic about your approach to security!

Arlaine Berman

IT Consultant | Trainer

My name is Arlaine and I am the founder and CEO of CMB Computers in Australia.

My greatest joy is in assisting people to use technology to their advantage – to take away the fear and to make what appears to be complex concepts simple. I believe that technology is a fabulous tool which can enhance our lives once we know how to use it correctly and it is my purpose to help get the most out of the technology that we rely on daily.

I have been involved in the IT industry for more than 20 years. I love learning and am committed to helping people make the leap into the area of Technology with confidence and ease, irrespective of whatever device they may be using. 

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