Creating and Leading an Engaged Project Team

WHAT is an engaged team?

It is a team that is very productive and totally committed to the success of their project and the organisation.

In an engaged team:

  • Every member is a good ambassador for your firm.
  • Each member is ready to bend over backward and go the extra mile to ensure their projects are successful.
  • Each member is committed to learning more about ways to do things better.

Every manager wants to work with an engaged team. However, some managers underestimate the role they play in creating such a team.

NOTE: This course is a stand-alone module from the full course "The Keys to Project Management Success". If you have enrolled in "The Keys to Project Management Success", you do not need to enrol in this module.

A wise investment in your project!

The message is clear, employee engagement can result in:

  • Higher revenue
  • Higher productivity
  • Higher operating efficiency
  • Innovative project solutions
  • Lower turnover of staff
  • Higher client satisfaction

Everyone wants to have, and work with, an engaged team that is committed to the success of their projects and organisation. An engaged team is a productive team. It is a team that has high morale. It goes the extra mile to ensure project and organisations success. Each member is a great ambassador of the firm. So, Creating, Maintaining and Leading an Engaged Project Team is good for business!


Moein Varaei

Project Management Specialist & Trainer

Moein has 30 years of experience in master planning, design, construction & management of infrastructure projects that comprise road, wet and dry utilities, airport infrastructure, bridges, tunnels, metro and public realm.

In the past 17 years, he has held numerous senior positions for various international and local organizations and been responsible for the technical and financial management of infrastructure projects.

During his career he has also been responsible for setting up of engineering offices, rescuing struggling departments and ensuring their technical and financial viability.

Continuing Professional Development

Please refer to the website of Engineers Australia. This course could earn you five (5) Continuing Professional Development hours. 

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