Develop a Spending Plan that Creates Financial Freedom

Are you living paycheque to paycheque?

Are you having fights with your spouse about money?

Are you constantly stressed and worried about how you will pay all your bills?

Tired of your scarcity mindset and want to learn to have an abundance?

Then this is the course for you!

Investing in this course WILL give you financial freedom and a tangible return on investment!


Learn money truths and honesty. Create and live a personalised Spending Plan. Become financially self-reliant and have financial peace.


  • The Financial Planning Triangle
  • Foundation Blocks
  • 10 Reasons why we avoid Home Budgeting
  • Common Financial Pitfalls
  • Financial Mindset
  • Needs, Wants and Really Wants
  • Turning Frustrated Dreams into Achievable Goals
  • Budgets vs Spending Plans
  • How to Leverage Your Spending Plan
  • The Six Expense Types
  • Prioritising Lifestyle Choices
  • Four Phrases that make you Poor
  • Effective Bank Structure and how to protect your money from you!
  • 6-Months Access to Spending Planner Software
  • Plugging the Leaks in Your Spending
  • Living Your Spending Plan

Sherri Dumbrell

Certified Spending Planner

A Spending Planner specialises in providing education, tools, practical training and personal assistance for families and individuals who are feeling a real sense of frustration due to day-to-day money stresses and ineffective money management systems

Sherri helps you create and live a forward projecting Spending Plan.

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