Develop the Mindset to become an inspirational, authentic speaker 

"Remember that your voice is not just what you say but what others hear. You need to look outside yourself to see how your work is actually and uniquely impacting others." —Todd Henry

Often leaders feel a lack of certainty in their own inner voice and inner knowingness. 

Inspirational leadership requires a voice of authority and credibility, you must be awakened to and be aware of what guides your life and ultimately your voice. 

Do you want to be influential and memorable?

This will only happen as you confidently accept responsibility for what you say. A leader who wants to be trusted, inspirational and authentic, must work on him/herself before they try to change other's lives. 

By attending to the strategies and tools in this course you can begin to shine a light in the darkness of your life, the parts that are often hidden and avoided. Raise your awareness and courageously do the work that will increase your executive presence to confidently and authentically speak and inspire many to take action towards success.

"Success is not an accident, success is a choice." —Stephen Curry 

In this course you will develop 


1.        Confidence to face your inner critic, have courage to speak out and step up on any platform

2.        Awareness of your private inner voice so that you can speak with greater clarity, credibility and be concise when speaking in public 

3.        Skills in develop sensory acuity for speaking to different people with diverse learning styles and personalities 

4.        Emotional intelligence for effective interpersonal communication 

5.        Executive presence for leadership and management 

6.        Mindfulness and letting go techniques that help you release anxiety for public speaking. 

7.  Mindset for developing credibility voice tone for powerful communication 

Maria Pellicano

My passion for empowering the human voice comes from the pain of watching dis-empowered people with great ideas and unique messages not be able to freely express themselves for the fear of rejection and not belonging. Voice tonality is non verbal communication and I have seen the impact of limited ability to influence and be clear all due to the lack of professional feedback. 

Investment in Your Future Success!