Evaluating Projects with a Go/No Go Assessment

A Go/No Go Assessment is an assessment that helps you decide whether to bid for a project or not.

It is a high-level assessment of the key elements of a project that informs your decision-making process.

It is critical to making sure you are working with the right type of client/project and weeding out unwanted projects.

NOTE: This course is a stand-alone module from the full course "The Keys to Project Management Success". If you have enrolled in "The Keys to Project Management Success", you do not need to enrol in this module.

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A Go/No Go Assessment helps you Manage your risks and plan your mitigation measures.

  • How risky is this project?
  • Are the risks manageable?

It also helps you minimise the wastage of time on undesirable bids.

You obviously don’t want to work on bids that are not suitable for you, do you? You don’t want to spends days or weeks on bids that you have no chance of winning.

In short it helps you identify the challenges of a project.

In this course 5 key questions are addressed:

  • What is a Go / No Go Assessment?
  • Why do we do a Go / No Go Assessment?
  • When do we do a Go / No Go Assessment?
  • Who carries out a Go / No Go Assessment?
  • How do we do a Go / No Go Assessment?

To complete this course, you will be asked to assess your company's current situation and the staff's commitment to carrying out Go / No Go Assessments.

Moein Varaei

Project Management Specialist & Trainer

Moein has 30 years of experience in master planning, design, construction & management of infrastructure projects that comprise road, wet and dry utilities, airport infrastructure, bridges, tunnels, metro and public realm.

In the past 17 years, he has held numerous senior positions for various international and local organizations and been responsible for the technical and financial management of infrastructure projects.

During his career he has also been responsible for setting up of engineering offices, rescuing struggling departments and ensuring their technical and financial viability.

Continuing professional development

Please refer to the website of Engineers Australia. This course could earn you five Continuing Professional Development hours. 

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