How to Get Ahead of Pain (For Employees)

This program is designed to help people after any type of injury to reduce pain (physical and emotional) and come back to work.


Emotions like fear and anxiety are common when you are in pain and often exacerbates your ability to rest, and accept treatments that you need to get better.

After some time off from doing what you love, however, the anxiety can manifest into stress—something that can even become an onset of depression.

As such, the longer you are staying at home, the harder the return is. And it’s not just because of your actual pain, but because of the added stress created in your head, which creates mental discomfort, resulting in lack of confidence, feeling of pointlessness, sad emotions, and more. This can also ruin your professional and personal relationships as you lose patience, stay irritated, and become unwilling to communicate openly with people in your life.


The above-mentioned symptoms don't help anyone. They just add on to the pain and make the situation worse. Strangely enough, returning to work can help ease these symptoms and aid in your mental well-being.

Being in the environment you love and doing what you like creates happiness and a sense of relief in your mind, which helps wash away negative thoughts. A dose of "normalcy" helps you feel better again and combat depression. Consequently, you start becoming less negative and start improving your relationships with others—and yourself.


Dawn Cady, Australia’s No.1 Pain Freedom Coach and creator of ’’The Neural Alignment Method®’’ has designed this 4-week personalised course that is aimed at helping people get back to work after an injury. Different modules are provided to candidates every week, tackling their inner negativity step-by-step and helping them regain the confidence they need to indulge in social interaction and workplace activity again.

The only way to help yourself come back from adversity and get back on track to your dreams is to get up and make an effort. If you know someone who needs this course, make an effort to share it with them.

If you need this course and you're on this page, you have already begun your journey towards the former you by ingesting this information. Make the leap and learn how to make a comeback now!

The “Getting Ahead Of Pain” Program by Dawn Cady, Australia’s No.1 Pain Freedom Coach, creator of ’’The Neural Alignment Method®’’ designed to make you learn, practice and train life-saving skills and techniques.

Hi, I’m Dawn Cady, Pain Coach

 I’m a health research geek living in the Blue Mountains of Sydney with my husband and son.

Welcome to my online home, Alleviate Pain!

I’m an only child who grew up in Yorkshire, England, where the beautiful Yorkshire puddings were born.

I was a chronic pain sufferer for as long as I can remember. I suffered from many illnesses, diseases and finally debilitating pain. Due to three separate health incidences, I had to teach myself to walk again. Not just once – but three times.

After many let downs, frustrations and mis-diagnoses, I decided that when it comes to my health, I needed to take the reins.

Oh, I didn’t learn the first time. I kept relying on others. It wasn’t until I became suicidal that I made it my life’s mission to take full responsibility for my diseases, illnesses, mental and physical pain.

Now this experience drove me to learn everything I could about treating chronic pain, illness and disease, through trialling multiple modalities on the healing journey. As a result, I discovered the most effective treatments for chronic pain, illness and disease.

From all this information, I developed The Neural Alignment Method®, bringing together the world’s best healing techniques for chronic illnesses to help you achieve true freedom from pain.

The consuming passion I have to help people in pain has awakened a health research geek in me, partnered up with my stubborn streak. I never give up on my clients being relieved from pain.

And I absolutely love sharing with the world how to break free from the biggest causes of pain, stress and anxiety.

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