Introduction to Hazard Operability Studies (HAZOP / CHAZOP) for Managers or Business Owners

Primarily the aim of this training is to outline to supervisors and business owners the WHAT, WHY and HOW of HAZOP/CHAZOP tools in use, for promoting and improving capability within their respective organisations.

The content of this course draws on the author’s extensive global experience in facilitating HAZOP/CHAZOP studies conducted in a broad range of industry sectors. As an industry leader in the field, the author’s skills are sought as an independent workshop facilitator for conducting HAZOP/CHAZOP workshops along with training and mentoring activities.


Upon completion of the course, participants will have acquired the knowledge and skills to coordinate the HAZOP/ CHAZOP activity, in your workplace.

Hendrik Tait

WHS Consultant | Chemical & Nuclear Engineer

As a chemical and nuclear engineer, I know how critical it is that during the design phase safety issues are addressed before going into production. With more than 30 years of experience in high impact industries such as Nuclear Power Plants, Power and Electrical Infrastructure and other key areas should things go wrong, or before they go wrong, I can give you a new perspective on your machine design. I can help your business promote the power of safety in engineering design, involving HAZOP/CHAZOP studies and many other specialised tools.

As an industry leader in the field, my skills are sought as an independent workshop facilitator for project risk and related Safety-in-Design studies.

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