High-Rise Evacuation Coordination Training

In a world plagued by natural and man-made disasters, not having the ability to carry out effective evacuations can cost lives. Every organisation needs to have not just an evacuation plan but you need to be trained fire wardens to coordinate this evacuation, but when it comes to high-rises then it adds a new degree of difficulty.


In the case of a workplace emergency such as a fire, chemical spill, biohazard contamination, earthquakes, and security threats, safety training becomes the difference between life and death.

As an enterprise, you are responsible for the safety of everyone you employ and everyone else who is on your property.

Mass panic almost always results in people not being able to evacuate properly, consequently resulting in loss of life and property. More often than not, it makes the situation worse.

This course meets your legal obligations when it has been customised (for free) to your organisation.


While carrying out evacuations, there are passageways to manage, the number of people to consider, the severity of the threat to recognise—but if your timing is not right, none of it will matter. This course is designed exclusively for your enterprise's staff members who will be tasked with assisting employee evacuations in times of emergency.

The course will teach employees the art of successful evacuations and the application of safety measures for maximum efficiency. All the course participants will learn:

  • The legal aspects of emergency evacuation
  • The Emergency Control Organisation and Warden Roles
  • Types of Reactions in Emergencies
  • Types of Emergencies and how to deal with them
  • Coordinating Successful Practice Drills
  • Other Duties
  • In-depth Review of World Trade Centre Disaster


This course meets the legal requirements for Building Fire Services Regulation 2008 and AS3745 Planning for Emergencies in Facilities.

Please note that this is a generic module. However, we also modify this course per your enterprise’s needs and customise the protocols to suit your workplace. Our experts make sure they leave no stone unturned to ensure your employees have actionable insights into coordinating emergency evacuations. If you supply the basic resources that we need, the customisation doesn’t cost a dime. If you want customisation, do not buy this course.

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Hi, I’m Corrina, Your Fire Safety Advisor

I have conducted over a 1000 fire safety audits of businesses and only ONE business passed the audit the first time. Some businesses think fire training consists of "there is the door-get out". People react differently in all types of emergencies and as wardens you need to be equipped with strategies to safely get everyone out of a building.

Hi, I’m Michael, WHS Consultant

A profound safety culture requires leadership vision and personal insight across the culture of an organisation.

Breaking harmful and dysfunctional habits to replace them with a new direction can only occur through innovative communication & consultation.

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