How to Create Effective Job Descriptions for your Business

John is the employee that your enterprise needs. He's got it all—a great work ethic, respect for the rules, the ability to play well with teams, and just the right kind of talent.

Unlike most people, he doesn't drop his resume in every company's inbox.

John knows he needs to initiate these conversations with the right people.

He goes online and starts scrolling through the countless job postings. The one that will catch his eye will be the one that prompts a response.

Before you know it, you've lost John without even having a chance to interview him.


Undervaluing the quality of job descriptions is fairly common with modern businesses, especially because of the need to post on multiple portals and platforms. But in a content-driven world saturated with noise, your brand needs to make a good first impression on applicants.

What better way to do that than with your brand's first point of contact with the applicant—the job description?


Small and medium-sized businesses are often competing with large scale enterprises for quality talent. As their job descriptions are their first point of contact with their potential employees, it's crucial their content speaks to applicants in an honest, engaging way. You need to create a description which has a clear brand message in order to prompt a response


Focusing on attracting nothing but quality talent, this course teaches businesses how to create job descriptions that articulate what their company expects from their candidates in a way that is engaging and welcoming. You will learn how to:

  • Perfect different aspects of the job description
  •  Communicate responsibilities
  • Dictate terms of the work
  • Deliver the brand message
  • Make applicants excited about the aspect of working with you

Discover the way of words that can invite people that believe in your brand and want to grow along with it. It all starts with the job description!

Karen Vercoe

The HR People


Karen believes business probably do not need, or want to pay for, HR expertise on a permanent basis, however, having someone to professionally take care of your Human Resources needs, letting you concentrate on your business, has got to be appealing. Karen has been a Human Resource Consultant for over 20 years and has combined her HR experience with WHS to provide all-round expertise for

Gillia Liverpool-Roberts

HR Consultant and Trainer

Trinidad and Tobago

Gillia is an independent Human Resource, Management Consultant with deep experience in both the public and private sectors in Trinidad and the Caribbean region. She is the principal consultant of GLR HR Consulting Limited. She is internationally certified in Competency-Based Management and partners with the Canadian-based Human Resource Systems Group as an associate consultant in the delivery of CBM workshops.

Gillia is a highly competent professional with over 25 years’ experience of diversified management consulting and industry and “hands-on” experience with an emphasis on issues affecting strategic positioning; strategy articulation; broad/team-based compensation; reward and recognition; and organizational research, analysis, recruitment & selection, induction & orientation, training & development, labour laws, compensation management, performance management, career management, manpower planning, business planning specifically with companies within the Financial, Energy and Manufacturing sectors.

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