Implementing the Mental Health Zen Program for Team Leaders

Wouldn’t it be great to help stressed colleagues become calmer, more focussed, and more relaxed in just a few minutes?

The Mental Health First Aide program is great at helping to recognise when someone is struggling and providing the confidence to start a conversation and refer them on…

BUT I noticed it doesn’t offer ways to give immediate support.

That’s why I designed the Workplace Mental Health ZEN Program – to help prevent a situation from escalating by breaking the stress cycle, reduce and alleviate stress immediately with simple mindful movements.

Being a Mental Health First Aider is a lot of responsibility. It’s an important role. The Workplace Mental Health ZEN Online Program supports you in being effective and efficient in that role.

Would you like to make the workplace calmer and more productive?

By implementing Zen Movements before, during, or after a staff meeting can help your colleagues to be more focused and be more present during meetings. The movements can be a great tool to de-escalate after an intense meeting to help staff to become calmer, allowing them to reset and refocus. 

In Office

Zen Movements can be initiated at any time during the workday, the movements require minimal space and can be performed in the staff’s working area as there are no uncomfortable positions. Zen Movements are standing positions and only require arm length space to perform the breathing technique. None of these tools are difficult or complicated and the value is in their speed, simplicity, and effectiveness.


Provide efficient tools to support staff’s mental wellbeing.

This course will teach Team Leaders the 5 Zen Movements to relax and destress your work situation.


  • Tools to support staff’s mental wellbeing.
  • De-escalate intense situations
  • Create a calmer and more productive workplace.

Jo Stevens

Zen Movement Coach | Mindfulness Coach | Mental Health First Aid Officer

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