Keeping Individuals Safe from Suicide

In today's world you are hard pressed to find someone that does not know someone that has attempted or committed suicide.

This course, Keeping Individuals Safe from Suicide focuses on what a listener if or when someone tells them that they are having suicidal thoughts. This course explore the difference between when a person is having thoughts about suicide and when someone has actually made a suicide plan.

This course dispels any myths people may have about suicide. We will become familiar with the acronym S.T.O.P. which is used when someone is contemplating suicide.

If you have a family member, staff member or know anyone having suicidal thoughts then this course will teach you what YOU can do

Becki Coombe

Suicide Prevention | Mental Health Trainer

Over the years, young people (usually aged between 14 and 25) have confided in Becki and her delivery team that they were having suicidal thoughts and/or that they were considering implementing a suicide plan in the near future. Understandably, every time, this scared the wits out Becki and her Team!

This panic was until Becki developed her skill set to deliver both Mental Health First Aid at Suicide Prevention training. The more that Becki learned, the more she realised that speaking openly and directly about Mental ill-health and suicidal thoughts and plans, the higher the chance a person would choose and make plans to stay safe for the next moment in time. 

Recommended for everyone!