Learn How to Remove Annoying Filler Um Words From Your Presentation

Using filler words during a speech is a bad idea. ... Once your audience uses their listening skills and realises that you are using words like “umm”, “like”, and “you know” in your presentation, they will then become distracted as they start to listen for the next time that you use one of these words. In this speaker training module, you will learn how to eliminate such words from your presentation and replace them with pauses, so you get your message across effectively and keep your audience engaged.

Learning how to look and sound confident by removing nervous tells and annoying filler words such as um and ah..

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After having spent 20 years leading the growth of a multi-million dollar business; my purpose now is to help business people to be confident in how they deliver their message, to be seen and heard above their competitors, and to recognised as a leader in their field so they achieve greater success, make more sales, and earn a better income.

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