Level-Up on LinkedIn

Are you on LinkedIn - but not actually doing much on LinkedIn?

Or maybe you keep throwing posts together and uploading them - but not getting any engagement?

Or maybe you hate your profile - and have no idea how to fix it?

You've probably heard about people getting results from LinkedIn. About attracting, conversing with, and then converting potential clients.

But, for some reason, it's not working for you. 

If you're feeling frustrated and/or frazzled by LinkedIn, this marketing bootcamp is exactly what you need!

As someone who's played around with LinkedIn for 2 years now, I've picked up handy tips and tricks for improving my engagement and leads. I receive regular reactions, comments, connection requests, and messages - and I've been told my posts almost always appear at the top of news feeds.

Learn some of my secrets in this bootcamp - including how to:

* Make your profile stand out and make an impact

* Find and effectively communicate with new prospects

* Create interesting posts that people want to engage with

* Use the platform to build your brand

* Use your voice to connect and create relationships via outreach



Leanne Shelton

Content Marketing Consultant & Copywriter

With a background in sales and marketing - plus over 15 years of writing and editorial experience - Leanne Shelton started Write Time Marketing as a freelance copywriter in 2014. These days, she offers content marketing strategic advice, training, and copywriting for health and wellness practitioners. She loves empowering her clients to step up and show up more online. Her aim is to help her clients stand out from the crowd and spread their message effectively and efficiently. 

Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out Today!