Managing Bias in the Workplace that could be affecting your Sales

Sales are the backbone of any business.

Most enterprises focus on hiring the best sales teams they could find, partnering with great vendors, and empowering their teams with smooth processes to boost sales.

Why do they still see the numbers going down?


Overlooking unfair practices at work is what costs most enterprises their biggest chunk of sales. As common as hair on a hare, bias reduces the overall productivity of your team and hampers processes that could be yielding you better results.


The first step to identify bias that might be killing your sales is to observe your teams. It's not you who is biased. And the foot soldiers of your clan just follow orders. So, who is it, then, that is rusting the chain?

Here are some facts:

  • HR has been known to discriminate on a number of parameters while hiring.
  • Team leaders have been known to up skill employees they bond with.
  • Managers have been known to ignore the mistakes of employees they happen to like personally.
  • Front-line staff treating customers differently

These factors are just the tip of the iceberg.

Needless to say, the Titanic is lost if this is happening in your enterprise.

This is what we help you avoid. This course brings you face-to-face with the realities of bias and how it can be the downfall of your revenue, offering you practical strategies to rectify the situation.


As we move through this program, I’ll share stories from my life that are examples of biases. There will be some stories which resonate with your own experience and others that may seem strange to you.

There will probably be times when you say out loud, ‘She’s talking about my life!’ That’s because, although we think our experiences are unique to ourselves, they are common to many if not most people, although our responses and reactions to these situations are uniquely our own.

I have been fortunate enough to identify and overcome my own biases. And as a result, I have a glimpse of what true growth looks like. I wish to impart on others this way to improve their personal and professional lives and be limitless.

Hi, I’m Bronwyn Williams

I am determined to make bias conscious in the workplace. Rather than aiming to eliminate unconscious bias, we must accept that we are a result of our environment, inherently biased. We are better served finding and making those biases conscious and then developing targeted strategies to drive successful growth and change.

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