Managing Career Changes

This course will teach you how to manifest your career vision into reality with a strategic approach to manage your career change and ensure you are moving forward. Nobody likes career changes—but did you know that the average person changes his/her career more than 7 times in their lifetime?


As your work and personal circumstances change, you may self-reflect, assess the situation, and make course corrections. You might want to switch lanes to a job that better suits your skill sets or because of challenges like moving to a new place, or health issues. While at times unpleasant, these changes are the basis for career and personal progression.


For some individuals, the transition may be voluntary as they consciously make the decision to make a change. The mental preparation for a change may start years before taking the first step.  For others, a transition can be involuntary as organisations downsize or move jobs overseas, seeing employee retrenchment. The latter is often difficult for individuals and their families. If left unchecked, the stress can have an adverse impact on an individual’s psychological well-being, resulting in a loss of confidence and self-esteem.


This course offers a strategic way for you to manage your career change while minimising stress, maximising your organisational skills, and making sure you inch closer to your career goals throughout the process.  Offering insights from a career coach with decades of experience, this course will teach you how to:

  • Undertake informed career decisions
  • Create a career makeover that meets your career goals, identity, and lifestyle
  • Tackle challenges in a strategic way
  • Set your professional development imperatives straight
  • Streamline your career transition
  • Design an action plan to action your professional development

It’s time to navigate your career changes, instead of being defeated by them!

Leah Shmerling

I recognise that one’s journey is personal with challenges along the way. I support individuals to apply a solution focused approach to open doors to career opportunities, and support to overcome barriers to progress their career journey and find personal fulfilment.

I possess a positive approach to life, work and people to make the most out of life.

My life motto is:

‘Enjoy the process.’

This course is closed for enrollment.