Master Your Time, Master Yourself

You will gain personal insight into the ways in which you respond to tasks, activities and prioritising your work load.

In this course we cover a range of tools and strategies, that you can use that will demonstrate innovative techniques to become far more effective in managing your work at hand.

Find your flow – Feel on track

If you feel stressed or overwhelmed, you’re not working in flow. Wouldn’t you rather feel that things are flowing smoothly, that when you finish a project or task, you know exactly what you need to start on next.

Work purely in your genius zone

I love this term “genius zone”. It’s not my own but it’s a term I’ve heard a few entrepreneurs use. Wouldn’t you like to be able to just focus on what you’re good at, feel in the “zone” and not have to worry about things outside of this zone.

Develop Empowering Systems

Most people decrease their productivity and effectiveness because their systems are bogging them down. Do you have a method to manage your own personal productivity? How can you expect others to align with you and your needs, when you’re not aligned in yourself.

Become More Intuitive

When you have strong systems in place, you allow your brain to flow more instinctively, more creatively. Most importantly, you give your mind the freedom to act intuitively rather than by habit, by knee-jerk reaction.


Productive vs Unproductive
  • Discover the signs of Productivity you miss every day
  • Learn which warning signs signal time wasting
  • Discover how low productivity can impact on your business and what can you avoid.
  • Increase your awareness of digital & physical clutter impacting your life
  • Uncover & fill your productivity leaks.
Procrastination Buster
  • Discover the hidden cause of your procrastination.
  • Uncover a surprisingly simple method to stop procrastinating
  • Unmask your personal goldmine of hidden strengths (and how to tap into them).
What is your Time Management Style?
  • Gain insight into your hidden strengths & weaknesses.
  • Reduce conflict by learning about your personal Time Management Style and the style of others around you.
  • Become a powerful and effective communicator.
Finally Learn How to Get Things Organised Easily
  • Create a simple system to streamline every aspect of your life.
  • Learn how to automate your processes to create more free time.
  • Discover the trick to find a time and place for everything! (You’ll be shocked at how easy it is).
  • Free your mind with a complete brain dump.
  • Learn my method of how to schedule strategically.
Tips for Email Mastery
  • Discover hidden tools and tricks to rapidly increase your email processing time.
  • Learn ways to create better email structures.
  • Discover how you can focus on important people or clients
Equipped with the Right Tools
  • Discover the proven prioritising tool used by organisational experts for decades so that you can be an time management success story.
  • Learn how to control paper so that you don’t lose or forget things.
  • Discover some genius tips to make you more effective with your notebook
  • Learn how to make the first step into a paperless work environment
Simplify Your Systems for Success & Growth
  • Discover my painless way to create policies & procedures quickly & painlessly
  • Feel more confident with project management principles
  • Finally learn how to transform big ideas into reality with ease and clarity.


I fortunately did a time management workshop recently with Barbara Clifford. Although already quite organised myself with reasonabe time management tools, I was pleasantly surprised to walk away with quite a few new and different ideas to help me improve. If these are areas of challenge, then I suspect you would walk away with heaps of great strategies, that you can implement straight away, to get back more time in your day. I can thoroughly recommend this training workshop.Donna Stone, Stone Consulting


I got value from the workshop because I’ve got things to implement – I got shared learning and practical ways to save me time.Lynne Sturgess, Precision Loans


It was a great introduction to Apps (for example Evernote) to optimise on digital organisation. It was also interesting to reflect on personal styles and how they affect my style of organisation. Barbara has considerable knowledge, passion for organisation and great practical tips.Vicky Macdonald


Barbara Clifford

The Time Tamer

Barbara is passionate about giving back to the business Community. Whether it be facilitating professional development workshops, personal coaching or online training. Barbara enables employers, employees and business owners to feel confident that they are proactively improving their productivity and well-being.

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