Reclaim Your Future: Radical Signature Program

Your future depends upon the detail. You don't like what you do but you can see another way out? You have gotten comfortable in your existing role but you drag your lazy butt into work each and every day but you can't see a way out. You are a people pleaser so you keep doing what you do as that means little effort and maintains some status quo until adversity hits and sends you into a downward spiral. You are made redundant, your partner is out of work what now?

You go into flight mode as it is all too hard. Arguments start we cant communicate well our feelings because we have never been shown.

All we have experienced is how not to handle a situation. When we come from a place of logic and a sense of calmness we can think clearer and make good decisions. Ask yourself what do I need to help me get to where I need to be?

To start with we need to look at your skills which skills you have acquired in life and look at them broadly. We tend to think about what we cant do rather than what we can do. This course is the beginning to get you to slow down and look at the logic. If you think about the times that you felt life is over as you know it when a situation raises its ugly head you have got through that period and looked back as wow, that wasn't as bad as I had imagined.Tier 2 is where you start taking steps to actively reclaim your life. We help you to unwrap your inner gifts and allow you to stand in your own power with influence. 

  • 30 min Free Consultation with Karen to discuss what you want to Reclaim in your Life
  • 10 Week Online Radical Signature Program  (1-hour per week) (Value $495+GST)
  • Daily Habits Template to Create New Habits (Value $150+GST)
  • Inspirational Quotes Package (Value $95+GST)
  • Finding Your Main Purpose - Life Statement Template (Value $150+GST)
  • Visualisations (Value $150+GST)
  • Activities for Joy (Value $150+GST)
  • VIP Facebook Group

Total Value $1190 + GST

RRP Price is $495+GST

Launch Price $350+GST



Karen Howe

Karen Howe is a passionate writer who inspires women like you that may be facing an identity crisis to discover and recover your true identity and own it! Her workshops, books and talks allow you to connect and live a life full of adventures.

After working 20 years in Corporate for only two employers. Karen was then made redundant, she was feeling disconnected from her family, trust became an issue with a marriage breakup and her dreams were shattered. She was a single parent believing her life had been carved in stone, soon she realised how quickly your power can be taken away at any moment.

Left with uncertainty in life, everything she had believed to be true, and questioning her very own existence, she soon discovered that it was not about the challenges that she faced but it was about having the resilience and the right tools and support in place to live life by design.

Karen loves to inspire you to live with more awesomeness so you can place your focus on opportunities and unlimited possibilities rather than fear and worry.

Whilst on her path to self-discovery and recovery she wants to make mention that she is not the guru. But she is the one that has had the experiences to talk about moving from the head to the heart.

“Coming from the heart space I can now serve others on this same path to feel the joy, experience the passion and to have fun – guaranteed. Who is ready for change, to live a life full of joy and adventures?”

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