Remember Me!

Dramatically Improves your Employees ability to remember and easily use a customer's name and overcome roadblocks to remembering-significantly improving their overall customer service experience.

Using a customer's name is part of their overall customer-service experience.

Mastering REMEMBER ME will:

  • Build a brand around customer care
  • Provide a higher level of customer experience than your competitors
  • Master a skill that will get customers to return again and again.

This training program gives your employees the tools and techniques for growth and service success and will also:

  • Help you understand that a person’s name is a precious possession.
  • Eliminate roadblocks to remembering and using the person’s name.
  • Value the significance of your customer’s overall experience.
  • Determine what you should remember–and why.
  • Provide REMEMBER me tools you can use to remember and use your customers’ name.
  • Use proper name etiquette. ï Improve your memory for all kinds of facts.
  • Help you learn the importance of using their name every time.
  • Understand how memory works.

Many people know the name of a client, customer or fellow employees, but are reluctant to use it–because they do not realize that “recognition matters!”

When so many customers feel overlooked and taken for granted, remembering your customers’ and clients’ names is the highest level of customer service. Something as simple as remembering a name can affect your interaction with customers and co-workers, and make them feel special.

John Tschohl

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