Shake It Off and Moving On!

A Zen Movement that can help you turn off the “monkey mind” – the internal mind chatter.

Are you often feeling tired, unmotivated, and lose interest in tasks?

Have you lost your joy in day-to-day life?

Do you struggle with internal mind chatter?

Many of us hold onto tension in our minds and body and we can struggle to stay focused and motivated.

During this program, you will be taught “The Monkey – Shake it OFF” A simple and effective mindful movement and breathing technique designed to support your mental wellbeing. This Zen Mindful Movement can help to give you the confidence, and capability to release the internal chatter and help you find your joy.

The Monkey Zen Movement is a powerful tool that can help you to release tension, release the internal chatter, and help put the Zen back into your Zone!


The Monkey Zen Movement can help give you the confidence, capability, and tools to maintain your own mental well-being and to help you Refocus and Reset.


  • Tools to support your mental wellbeing.
  • De-escalate intense situations
  • To feel calm and centered.

Jo Stevens

Zen Movement Coach | Mindfulness Coach | Mental Health First Aid Officer

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