Stage Four of Business Growth-Transitioning into Small Enterprise

Once Level Two has been attained with higher sales, more employees are required to maintain and build the momentum.

Level Three stage is where the owner must significantly change their ‘micro mind-set’ and also develop new management skills. These are in the area of HR, organisational and people management.

Until the owner-manager learns to manage, organise, and develop staff, further growth is limited. Managing a small enterprise by letting everyone work without controls in place, limits the owner’s control of the business. Similarly, where the owner insists on controlling everything and everyone, growth of the enterprise is limited. That is because they constrict the development of their staff.

The reason most firms get stuck here is that owners do not understand their role. That is, as well as doing the work, they are required to organise the business and its staff. This is done by letting everyone know what they are supposed to do, and by doing so, reduce their micro-management of staff and activities.

This is the first level of managing a real business and is where the majority of business owners flounder. Until they understand how to compartmentalise activities and results, the business will remain at this level, perhaps for the full life of the business.

This course covers what you need to grow into the next stage of business growth.

Increased Sales requires More Staff | People Management Required

Dr Peter Ellis

Business Growing Pain Specialist

Peter assists and mentors business owners that have business growing pains. The business knows their product and clientèle but need assistance to understand how to structure, develop and organise their business. 

With over 20 years practical experience, Peter is accepted as an experienced business pilot to guide, assist and mentor owners through the 'dangerous uncharted channels' and 'treacherous changing seas' of the business world. Dr Ellis is often called in when everyone else gives up!

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