Stage Three of Business Growth-Growing Out of Micro Enterprise

A micro-enterprise owner-manager considering growth within in the micro size into a micro-plus enterprise, will commence by changing their mind-set from passive to active.

Their focus begins by aiming to increase their sales by unfreezing their mindset from serving their current clients and transition to one focused on looking to find more income.

They know that they have to work harder, but do not at first appreciate that at a later stage will have to change their activities to accommodate the increase in demand. Initially, to build their business they begin increasing the size by working harder and longer hours to get more work.

This course covers what you need to grow into the next stage of business growth.

Sole Decision Maker | Sales Growth Focused | Growing Business by working harder and longer

Dr Peter Ellis

Business Growing Pain Specialist

Peter assists and mentors business owners that have business growing pains. The business knows their product and clientèle but need assistance to understand how to structure, develop and organise their business. 

With over 20 years practical experience, Peter is accepted as an experienced business pilot to guide, assist and mentor owners through the 'dangerous uncharted channels' and 'treacherous changing seas' of the business world. Dr Ellis is often called in when everyone else gives up!

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