Standing Strong Against Adversity

(A Zen Movement that can help Build Resilience)

Do you often feel overwhelmed?

Have you felt dis-empowered and struggled in uncomfortable situations?

Do you know how to stand in your power, to feel strong, calm, and centred?

During this program, you will be taught the “Stand Strong” position, a simple but effective mindfulness movement and breathing technique that can support your mental wellbeing and clear the negative thoughts.

Standing Strong Against Adversity is a Mental Health ZEN Program – to help you build resilience, feel empowered and put the Zen back into your Zone!


The Powerful Owl Zen Movement can help give you the confidence, capability, and tools to maintain your own mental well-being, and to help you Refocus and Reset.


  • Tools to support your mental wellbeing.
  • De-escalate intense situations
  • To feel calm and centred.

Jo Stevens

Zen Movement Coach | Mindfulness Coach | Mental Health First Aid Officer

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