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Take Control of Your Project Today!

The Keys to Project Management Success!

This course is designed to help you stay laser focused on key Project Management tasks that if done properly can result in a very successful project.

This program will help you prevent project failure which is:

  • Costly to your firm’s financial survival; and
  • Damaging to your reputation.

This program will help you:

  • Maximise your projects profitability
  • Minimise your project risks

Program Best Suited for:

Project Managers, Team Leaders and Senor Project Managers in the engineering and construction industry.

Program Content:

This program has seven (7) Modules that cover:

  • Evaluating Projects with a Go/No Go Assessment
  • Developing A Project Plan to Improve Efficiency
  • Developing a Work breakdown structure
  • Doing an Earned Value Assessment
  • Dealing and Coping with Project Changes
  • Effective Project Closure
  • Creating and Leading an Engaged Project Team 

Each module addresses 5 key questions (What, Why, When, Who and How). You are required to do assignments that require you to become an auditor or an assessor of your company's current situation and the staff's commitment to the success of their projects.

The course requires the participant to complete assignments that may require 4 to 6 hours each to complete.

Continuing professional development (CPD):

Please refer to the website of Engineers Australia. This course could earn you 35 CPD hours. 

Please Note: Each module can be purchased separately, however it is recommended that you do all seven modules in sequence.

Moein Varaei

Project Management Specialist & Trainer

Moein has 30 years of experience in master planning, design, construction & management of infrastructure projects that comprise road, wet and dry utilities, airport infrastructure, bridges, tunnels, metro and public realm.

In the past 17 years, he has held numerous senior positions for various international and local organizations and been responsible for the technical and financial management of infrastructure projects.

During his career he has also been responsible for setting up of engineering offices, rescuing struggling departments and ensuring their technical and financial viability.

The reasons for selecting these topics to be in this program are described below:

A Go/No Go Assessment is critical to making sure you are working with the right type of client/project and weeding out unwanted projects.

A Project Plan is a formal document that describes your commitments to your senior management.

To be clear, the key job of a Project Manager is to deliver the Project Plan.

A Work Breakdown Structure (WBS):

  • Plays a crucial role in developing the project approach and methodology;
  • Helps you in determining the staffing and cost of the project;
  • Assists in preparing the project schedule;
  • Plays a role in creating the baseline against which the projects’ performance can be monitored.

To be clear, if something is not in their WBS, it is not in the scope of work.

An Earned Value Assessment is a key tool used to monitor your project’s performance in terms of time and cost. It helps you identify problems as early as possible, resolve issues and stay on track.

Change Management Strategy is essential for any project. Any living thing is subject to change. Projects are living things because they are carried out by people. And anything that involves people, can change.

If change management is ignored, you can rest assured that your project will face budget overrun or project delay.

Project Closure is an important part of any project’s life cycle. However, this stage of the project is typically very poorly managed and "as a result" projects’ profitability is eroded because projects are not closed at the right time.

Creating, Maintaining and Leading an Engaged Team is good for business. Everyone wants to have, and work with, an engaged team that is committed to the success of their projects and organisation. An engaged team is a productive team. It is a team that has high morale. It goes the extra mile to ensure project and organisations success. Each member is a great ambassador of the firm.

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