The Principle that Selling is Simple

Have we made selling more complicated than it should be?

In this module Terry talks about the simplicity of selling.

Over the last 20 years, the Reluctant Salesman, Terry Mullins, has developed a sales approach that allows reluctant sellers to be authentic and true to themselves all while achieving far better results with less effort.

Terry will show you that by being authentic and at ease you can connect with more clients and achieve outstanding results and all without a script in sight.

‘The Power of Authenticity’ is a CPD Accredited online sales training programme designed for anyone for whom traditional sales methods seem inappropriate, ineffective or uncomfortable.

As the name suggests it adopts an approach that allows us to have authentic, powerful sales conversations, free from the tricks and artifice that make traditional selling seem so difficult.


This programme and The Reluctant Salesman approach have been designed to work for all sectors and at all levels, this includes sales teams who are looking for an alternative way to sell to modern business.

Those who would benefit include:

  • Professional service providers- finance, legal, architecture, design etc.
  • Creative professions
  • Coaches
  • Technical professions
  • Job seekers- (being able to engage with clients is a marketable skill).
  • Business start-ups seeking finance and ways of enrolling people in their vision as well as better engagement with clients. 

NOTE: This is one module from the full course The Power of Authenticity in Selling

Terry Mullins

Sales Coach

Terry’s sales career started by accident, he had no wish to be a salesperson and did not particularly like sales people. He soon discovered that the approach he took to selling as a result of this ‘reluctance’ led to immediate success without ever following a company script or consciously ‘closing’ any client.

He wrote the first Reluctant Salesman course in 2002 and this has developed into the ‘Power of Authenticity’ system.

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