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“I have been in the safety business for 18 years. I became very aware that safety was very relevant in businesses when at the early stages of me being a safety professional, I had to investigate a few fatal injuries and it was not pleasant or a happy time for the families and loved ones of the injured employee, however it made me realise that if you don’t have safety in your business, then you have got nothing!”.

“My father was a police officer, and I loved seeing how my father would solve an accident so learning the tricks of the trade became relevant in my Safety career.

Racquell is a strong professional with qualifications in Investigating Services and Government Fraud Investigations.  With a Diploma in Work Health and Safety, she is also a is a Licensed Private Investigator and is qualified and experienced to conduct Accident Investigations. She is also an experienced Senior Managing Director with a demonstrated history of working in the safety and legal services industry and therefore understands where business owners are coming from. 

Skilled in Operations Management, Freight, Heavy Vehicle Industry, Manufacturing, Government, Workplace Safety, and Safety Management Systems makes her an excellent investigator because she can see the bigger issues not just the immediate issue.

Most importantly she has studied Psychology Behaviour in Safety that she says “was really beneficial as it made me understand what people think about when they come into work”.  

“I believe there are three sides to every story… Their side, your side and the TRUTH. I believe that many business owners need to find the real truth on incidents that occur in the workplace, as you could be paying more than you need to…” 

Poorly investigated workplace accidents / incidents or management of Work Health and Safety systems have a ripple effect and could lead to a on the spot infringement notice for breach of the WHS Act, court cases, legal fees, further specialist investigations and jail. Therefore it is best to get it right the first time as poor quality reporting or Safety systems attract bigger penalties.

We have a team of work health and safety specialists and private investigators that will handle your investigation and safety needs with sensitivity and professionalism, to produce an independent report or safety management system to avoid claims of bias and infringement penalties.

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