Your Thoughts Matter

Your beliefs and thoughts are wired into your biology. They become your cells, tissues, and organs. 

If you think negative thoughts and you’re filled with judgments towards yourself and others, your actions will follow your thoughts and you’ll attract what you focus on.

Karen Chaston

Beyond Loss Expert | People Profits Connector

Life is a continual journey from Love to Loss and then hopefully back to Love. Though not many of us have been taught how to easily move beyond loss. With over 40+ loss events that can affect our lives, we all will have multiple loss events throughout our lives. Through the lack of education and avoidance tactics we have created over centuries, many of get stuck in the loss. To the detriment of all areas of our lives, especially in our relationships.

My passion is to correct this educational oversight. I do this through working with people, individually and through the workplace. Give me your worst employee and watch the transformation happen before your eyes! Life is way too short for anyone to be spending their time grieving and suffering. Now is the time for us all to move beyond any kind of loss and design a life that you live and love each, and every day.

Investment in You!